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Northeast Transportation Electrification Alliance creates project opportunities and serves as the single business interface needed to manage the diverse services required to complete a project.

Organizing the Team

As an integrator, NTEA forms partnerships with utilities, transit companies, vehicle suppliers, and others, as necessary to implement electric vehicle use and electricity as a fuel.

The integration efforts extend from the sourcing of zero carbon electricity from wind turbines, or solar facilities, to the integration of charging station with smart grid programs which optimize the distribution of electricity, and reduce the need to build additional power plants by using surplus power production capacity in off-peak hours.

Identifying the Need

The Northeast region of the United States has a population of 58 million people and 48 million vehicles. A substantial percent of the population is concentrated in cities and has limited use for a vehicle. However, vehicles as used over the entire region as over-the-road transportation moves people from home to work, food is delivered from remote locations, municipal solid waste is transported to remote landfills, mail is delivered, etc.

NTEA identifies a need such as:

  • Asthma epidemics being experience by both the Bronx and Newark as a result of a high number of gasoline and diesel fueled trucks and buses.
  • On Long Island, one million cars every day move people to and from work, three airports serve over 50 million passengers a year and thousands of children are transported in gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles.

NTEA creates projects within the identified area and acts as the integrator to bring together diverse elements that address:

  • community support
  • political support
  • technology
  • proposal preparation
  • funding sources
  • contract negotiation
  • project administration and execution