Focus > The Problem/The Solution

Diesel and gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine heavy, medium, and light duty vehicles are required to transport people, food, industrial materials, and manufactured products. These vehicles:

  • emit greenhouse gases causing climate change
  • emit toxic pollutants having an adverse health effect
  • generate objectionable noise that society must live with
  • are low efficiency and use high cost fuels
  • result in the importation of high cost fuels from foreign nations
  • incur high maintenance costs

All-electric battery vehicles are high efficiency, low maintenance vehicles, and provide a solution to the problems of internal combustion engine vehicles and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

The use of electricity also presents the opportunity to use renewable resource-based zero carbon electricity which reduces the need to combust petroleum -based fuels and coal in central station power plants, further reducing the emissions of pollutants and climate changing greenhouse gases further improving livability of communities.