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The US Department of Transportation has adopted the policy of evaluating funding requests based on the following five criteria:

Livability: Improving the quality of living, working conditions, and access to jobs, education and medical services

Sustainability: Benefiting the environment through the use of green technologies, energy efficient and sustainable infrastructures, and reduction in mobile source pollutants

Economic Development: Contributing to medium and long term economic development

Leveraging of Public investment: Strong collaboration of a broad range of participants and/or integration with other public investment

Health impact: Reducing toxic pollutants causing asthma, cancer, and premature deaths

All-electric battery operated vehicles uniquely meet the requirements of the US DOT criteria for funding projects, as well as offering compelling economic advantages as a result of the high efficiency of the vehicle, the low cost of the fuel, reduced maintenance, and the reduction in the nations balance of payments resulting from eliminating the importation of foreign-based petroleum fuels.